Modern Software Development with Python


In the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution, python is one of the promising and leading programming languages compared to other high-level languages (Such as Java, C#, and So on). The main reason for python’s popularity is that python is very easy to code. In software development, python is hugely used for integrative advanced AI technology as well as Natural Language Processing. Python has a lot of built-in libraries for developing data analysis tools and machine learning and deep learning which is absolutely easy to understand and code. Moreover, to make a fast and interactive web application or web-based software React JS is another popular JavaScript framework that can easily merge with python for developing the software or web application very efficiently.

What you will learn from this course?

In this course, you will learn the following topics
1) Python Basic to Advanced
2) Modern JavaScript (ES6)
3) React JS
4) Software Development Life Cycle

Who this course is for:

  • 1.Total beginners
  • 2. Software Development students
  • 3. Computer programmer
  • 4. Non-Technical Background
  • 5. Who likes to learn new knowledge


After completing this course, you will get a certificate. They can also work on any IT farms or any freelancing platform. Here we also provide job placement opportunities.

Course Module:

Modern JavaScript (JS)

  • JavaScript Language Fundamentals:
    • Introduction of JS.
    • Show Output.
    • Variables.
    • Data type with type conversion.
    • Numbers and Math Object.
    • String Methods & Concatenation.
    • Template Literals.
    • Array & Array Methods.
    • Object Literals.
    • Dates & Times.
    • Conditional Statements.
    • Functions.
    • Loops.
    • 3 Exams
  • DOM & Events:
    • Introduction to DOM
    • Traversing the DOM.
    • DOM Manipulation.
    • Event Listeners & Object
    • Event Binding & Delegation
    • 4 DOM Projects
  • OOP In JavaScript:
    • Constructor.
    • This keyword
    • Prototypes
    • Inheritance.
    • ES6 Classes.
    • Sub Classes
    • 1 Project
  • Asynchronous JavaScript:
    • Introduction
    • Ajax and XHR
    • Callback Functions
  • API:
    • Local Storage API
    • Session Storage API
    • Fetch API
    • 1 Project.
  • Error Handling:
    • Try & Catch
    • Regular Expression.
    • 1 Project
  • ES6:
    • Let & Constant
    • Arrow Functions
    • Map
    • Set
    • Classes
    • Promises
    • String function
    • Array Manipulation
    • Math Methods
    • Object Entries
  • Project:
    • 2 Final Projects.

React JS

  • Functions:
    • Function declaration<
    • Arrow function<
    • props
  • React Array Methods:
    • map()
    • filter()
    • sort()
    • reduce()
    • find()
    • slice()
  • React Loops:
    • For loop
    • While loop
    • Do while loop
    • For in loop
    • For of loop
    • Break
    • Continue
  • Local Storage:
    • Set item to local storage
    • Remove item from local storage
  • APIs:
    • Fetching data from servers
    • Using third party APIs
  • React Basics:
    • How react works
    • Installing React
    • JSX
    • Introduction to functional component
    • Props
    • Components
  • React Hooks:
    • Use State
    • Use Effect
    • Use Context
    • Use Ref
    • Use Memo
    • Use Reducer
    • Creating custom hooks
  • React Advanced:
    • React router
    • Making custom route
    • Firebase Authenticationt
    • Conditional rendering
  • React Styling:
    • Material UI
    • React-Bootstrap

Python Development

  • Python Basics:
    • Introduction to python<
    • Install Python and Python IDE
    • Python Print Function
    • Python variables
  • Python Data Structures:
    • Python Tuple (pack, unpack, compare, slicing, delete, key, Dictionaries)
  • Python Data Structure:
    • Python Operator
    • Arrays (Create, Reverse, POP)
  • Python Conditional Statements:
    • If
    • Else
    • Elif
    • Switch case
  • Python loops:
    • For and While loops
    • Break
    • Continue
    • Pass statements
  • Python String:
    • Replace
    • Join
    • Split
    • Reverse
    • Len
    • Count
    • Find method
  • Python function:
    • User-defined function
    • built-in function
  • Python OOP:
    • Class
    • Object
    • Inheritance
    • Constructor
  • Machine Learning:
    • Supervised Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Reinforcement Learninge
  • Computer Vision:
    • OpenCV library
    • Image preprocessing
    • Object Detection using open cv (Project)
  • Data Science:
    • NumPy array
    • Working with excel or csv file
    • SData Gathering technique
    • ETL Process
    • Data Analysis Tools and Function
    • One project on Data Processing
  • Introduction to SQL:
    • CRUD operation in SQL
  • SQL Advance:
    • Joining
    • View
    • Indexing
  • Introduction to E-commerce Project:
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Feature Identification
  • ERD design of E-commerce Project:
    • Entity definition
    • Attribute selection
    • Primary and foreign key selection
  • ERD design of E-commerce Project-part-2:
    • Relational Entity description
  • Introduction to Django:
    • Install Django
    • Create admin panel
    • Create database model
  • Django continue:
    • Create e – commerce product variation model
    • Create layout in Django
  • DJANGO with MYSQL:
    • Fetch data from database
    • Customize Django panel
    • Brand and product list page
    • Show featured product on home page
    • Product list of brand category
    • Product details page, Product attribute data
    • Share data in all template with context processors
    • Search product
    • Show related products
    • Filter data
    • Show product price with price range filter
    • Show product min
    • Max price with price range filter
    • Filter product with price range
    • Pagination
    • Add to cart
    • Cart page and delete item cart
    • Checkout Operation
    • Payment operation & Dynamic Sliders


  • Modern JavaScript
  • React JS
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Hands-on training using latest tools and training
  • Specialization & creating portfolio in the area of interest

Main Topics

  • Modern JavaScript
  • React JS
  • Python
  • MongoDB

Software Taught

  • Code Editor (visual studio code recommended)
  • Web Browsers (Chrome recommended)

Career Opportunity:

After course completion, students can get jobs as:

  • Web Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Software Engineer

৳ 33,000.00৳ 35,000.00

Offline Course Fee

Regular Fee : BDT 50,000

Discount Fee : BDT 35,000

Online Course Fee

Regular Fee : BDT 45,000

Discount Fee : BDT 33,000

Working Hours

Monday 10:00 am – 9.00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 9.00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 9.00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 9.00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 9.00pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 9.00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 9.00 pm
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Auntic Ayon01
I am Auntic Ayon. I just completed my basic Computer course by Harun Ur Rashid sir. He is one of the best teacher. He was so helpful towards me which helps me to share every problem i got during my classes. Thank you European It for everything. Because without them i can't be skillful which i am now. Again Thank you .
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bulbul ahamed
I started digital marketing from here. Now monthly income more $900 ✨ The teachers are very skilled and professional.
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Akash khan
Good for learners.
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Alaminbin Shofiqul
Thank you European IT Institute.. Support and guideline android app development with flutter..
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Md Asif Hossain
I thing European IT is a one of the best Institute in Bangladesh. I feel very lucky to be able to train here. My mentor was very friendly and approachable. We have explained everything in simple language. If we had any problem he would solve it for us online. After all thanks for everything. Md. Asif Hossain. Batch: Web development with Laravel. Mentor : Md. Shariful Islam.
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mehedi hasan
European it is the best industrial attachment Training center. Sobai asben