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European IT started off as an IT and web-based solutions, services and web design company in Ireland, Germany, and Bangladesh in 2009. Over the years, European IT has delivered successful projects in multiple platforms to clients in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Australia to name a few countries. The founders decided to set up European IT Institute in 2015 to provide professional IT training along with IT Skill Enhancement Training Program with the outsourcing market for graduates in view to gain work that follows international standards and quality. Additionally, European IT Institute offers training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions, and individuals along with internship for graduates.

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24/7 Online Support

Each time is very important to us. European IT is giving 24/7 online support for the students for any information review and solving problem.

Lifetime Support

By the end of the course, European IT provides life time support to its students for problem solving and collaborate.

Practice Lab Support

European IT is giving students a practice lab at the end of classes or at any time to practice. Where students will have the opportunity to practice for a long time.

Class Video

Video for each class of European IT Institute is stored and provided to students. This will allow students to better understand the contents of the class.

Review Class

European IT Institute has a review class system for improving the quality and skills of students.

Job Placement

European IT manage job for talented students through their job placement cell at European IT's own firm as well as other firms.





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Old Dhaka is a term used to refer to the historic old city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is located on the banks of Buriganga River. It was one of the largest and prosperous cities of South Asia and the center of the world wide muslin trade. After the Nawab of Bengal shifted the capital from Dhaka to Murshidabad, with the rise of calcutte (now Kolkata) during british rule. Dhaka began to decline and came to known as “City of Magnificent Ruins”.
Old Dhaka is famous for its variety of food and people of all religion living in harmony. Old Dhaka is famous for its biryani, morog polau, kebabs. There are some local famous foods are Hazi Biryani, Bakarkhani, Beauty Lachchi, Royal Nehari, Nawab Kachchi.

There are many landmarks in this region such as greek Monument in Dhaka University, Northbook Hall, Lalbagh fort, Chowk Bazar Shai Mosque, Dhakeshwari Mandir, Hussaini dalan, Armenian Church, Mitford Hospital, Tara Mosque, Ahsan Manjil, Bara Katra, Choto katra, Rose Garden Palace, Ramakrishna Temple.

Following are additional sources of information about old dhaka

Hazi Biryani

Lalbagh Fort

Tara Masjid

Dhakeshwari Temple

Kolkata Kacchi Ghor

Beauty Lacchi and Faluda

Bismillah Kabab Ghar